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My Favorite Things

So I am participating in a challenge to list 5 of my favorite things to share this week. I have all of my pedagogical experience under the early childhood umbrella, so my educational resources will spotlight ECE mainly but I also have interests and experience in ESL/ELL,   IB PYP, STEM, Math, Science, Art, Inquiry, Cooperative learning, Gifted and Talented, Instructional Strategies and so on……but that doesn’t mean that this girl only has fav teacher things. I do have a life outside of school ya know!

Entry 1:

  1. Mardi Gras….hello! I am a native of the great state of Louisiana. What’s NOT to love about Mardi Gras, Seriously? Great food, adult beverages, great friends, reveling, merriment, parades, balls, beads, dablooms, & culture….good times! I love that whole communities come together…everyone is considered family or a long lost friend who we’ve never met!
  2. Amazon Prime….who doesn’t love to shop online, push a few buttons and your precious desires appear at your doorstep.
  3. Target Dollar Spot….holy moly! It’s crack for teachers. I can’t pass by that area and NOT place something in my basket. I love the novelty as do my students. Face it, teacher’s need to be inspired and happy if #TeachersGonnaTeach! I’m not even a DIY kinda girl, but some of the items “call to me” and “speak” to me…so that I can use my meager crafting gifts to craft for my students.
  4. Google Drive….like, how the hell did I ever manage BEFORE being introduced? I won’t even tell you that I have multiple google drive accounts….whoops, I did though. I love how accessible everything is from everywhere, and how I can literally save pages, files, photos, you name it from my phone, I-pad, laptop and still have access to it across my devices. Google Drive is slowly helping me with another problem that I’ve been struggling with over the years—my Teacher-Hoarder-Tendencies. I can now scan things and give them away or better yet, not have to lug them around anymore…..or worse yet….LOOSE them! I heart you Google Drive.
  5. Pintrest has given me so many amazing ideas and helped save my teacher sanity over the years. I can go on and on about how amazing this visual catalog of ideas is…..like you can find info about almost A N Y T H I N G. My only “complaint” is that I can’t ever get back the minutes, hours, days and weeks of my life that I’ve invested as I was sucked down one rabbit hole and another on my quest to find whatever I initially began looking for.

See, short and simple. I hope that I introduced you to some new things or at least reminded you of an old favorite. Till we cross paths again….






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