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BOOM LEARNING logoDisclaimer:  In exchange for my sharing this post regarding the Boom Learning platform-I will receive an annual subscription/renewal to the BOOM LEARNING platform. That being disclosed, I still feel that this is an amazing platform with a host of digital resources that will enhance your student’s engagement and improve their academic success.

Hello Peeps.

I am excited to share a new platform that I’ve recently discovered. This platform “houses” digital task-cards, digital assessments, digital games and other media that can be accessed via an iPad,  computer, or smart board/Promethean board & the BOOM LEARNING  app. There are a variety of methods to procure and access the digital media. BOOM LEARNING is an asset to traditional brick and mortar schools which incorporate SOME digital content, schools or campuses who are in the process to migrating to sole digital content,  Google Classrooms/Chrome school accounts, home school/Coop groups,  & parents who seek to engage their children with robust, engaging and academic self-paced learning.

Subscribers will purchase “decks”. (There is also a healthy selection of FREE decks to select from across content and grade levels).  The decks are the actual interactive media. The decks will be stored in your account to access across a variety of devices. The decks can be employed in a variety of manners including:

  • Pre/post assessments,
  • Progress monitoring/RTI (Response to Intervention),
  • 1:1 instruction,
  • Partner games,
  • Workstation activities (center games),
  • Whole class instruction,
  • Whole class gaming competitions
  • Small group instruction,
  • Tutoring,
  • Self-paced instruction &
  • Self-directed inquiry investigations.

Currently educators have the option to purchase BOOM LEARNING digital content from either TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers ) or the BOOM LEARNING platform.  BOOM LEARNING is offering a SWEET deal to educators who create purchase digital content  via the Teachers Pay Teachers platform:  New TPT customers receive 3 sections, 80 students, 5 private decks at no extra charge for the first year!!!!!!  Um Hello–this is a steal folks.

There is a method to “store” all of your purchases on the platform. There are several account options: A free version/Starter account will garner you 5 students & 5 private decks to assign and or track student progress. The Basic account will afford you 3 sections, 80 students and 5 private decks.  The Power membership will offer you 5 sections, 150 students and UNLILMITED private decks. The Ultimate membership will provide 8 sections, 200 students and ULIMITED private decks as well.

The Classroom experience (individual assignments) is premium and requires a subscription for more than five students.  This method allows instructors to differentiate instructional content based upon student needs. Students can be assigned digital media (games, assessments, review, task-cards and the like); so students are able to move at their own pace. Students have access to the media both at school and at home with their unique class access link. Private publishing for more than 5 decks also requires a premium subscription

There is another method referred to as “Fast Play” which likens to the digital platform “Kahoot”.  In this mode, an instructor would select the “deck” or game that students will interact with as a whole class. Unlimited students have access to the media, but  student’s results are UNtracked.

Here are a few examples of what can be found on the platform:

Boom Learning Water Cycle Deck by Teacher Features

BOOM Learning US State Capitols by Boom Team

Watermellon Ten Frames by Della Larson’s Class

In short, I feel that the BOOM LEARNING platform is a win-win for educators and students. Below are my top 10 reasons to implement BOOM LEARNING in your classroom (home-school) today:

  1. New decks are available on a daily and weekly basis; this ensures that you have a plethora of content to select from. Boom Learning Library
  2. Decks address and meet a variety of content across disciplines.
  3. Decks meet a variety of age ranges/grade levels.
  4. Decks provide immediate feedback for your learners.
  5. Decks can be assigned to specific students (premium accounts).
  6. Decks provide a visually appealing format for visual learners. Decks allow learners to engage in self-paced practice-as often as necessary.
  7. This is an engaging and fun manner to employ digital learning into your instructional arsenal.
  8. Students will benefit from personalized instruction.
  9. Instructors/parents can engage in progress monitoring (premium subscriptions) to aid them in differentiating instructional content which meets the needs of their learners.
  10. Decks are created by actual teachers who have experience with “what works” in their own classrooms. These teachers are constantly refining their pedagogy as they embrace digital content to address the needs of each individual learner. This makes learning more meaningful as students can move at their own pace.


So go ahead and check it out. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to integrate technology infused lessons with your students, BOOM LEARNING is what you’ve been searching for.


I’d love to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to drop me a message or thought below.




Cleo @Teaching in a Bubble

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