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Sharing an Amazing Literacy Resource.

on July 23, 2015

artistic-bright-color-colored-42226Hello Friends.

I’m back as promised with a fantastic phonics and fluency resource for beginning readers. This is a program that I happened upon by chance. I’ve had the opportunity to implement it in tutoring and found it both very comprehensive and helpful {for myself and my students}.

The phonics program is “Danco Phonics” and was created by Mr. Dan Clarke. This is a systematic program which includes 44 units that build upon previous lessons.The material covers decoding, fluency, comprehension, writing and more. It is copyrighted, but Mr. Clarke is more than happy to share his resources for free. He does have a few stipulations as follows:

Danco Phonics may not be sold or posted on any website!!!!

You can find this amazing resource here :  http://dancophonics.weebly.com/ .

Have you ever heard of this resource before?   Do you feel that this is a system that you could implement in your guided reading groups?

In my next post, I plan to share a few of my math resources to encourage your young mathematicians to enjoy the math process of problem solving.

Till Next Time,

Cleo from Teaching in a Bubble♡


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